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Why Donate

This is the opportunity to invest in the next generation. Groups need your help to be able to invest in continuing to help our children to gain a greater life experience. Fundraising helps to bring special educational assemblies, playground equipment, field trips, and much more. Children learn leadership skills, communication skills, organization skills and more when doing a fundraiser. Many have credited these experiences to life skills they used later on into adulthood.



Go Fundraise Now works with thousands of different types of groups. Fundraising is not just for schools. We can help with fundraising needs for all types of groups from schools to churches to little leagues and even personal fundraising endeavors.

You can email us at info@gofundraisenow. We will get a representative from your area to contact you.

On most products will ship within 5 to 15 business days. Please keep in mind that during warmer summer months we are careful not to ship over a weekend.

Returns should be discussed with your Representative. We generally do not take returns into our warehouses.